Team The A(MM)-Team 2.0 2018-09-17T09:17:04+02:00

Team The A(MM)-Team 2.0

Universityof Applied Science Upper Austria


Max Trenker (Team Lead)

Dave D’Sa, Kory O’Connor, Kishan Shantigrama Mohan (replacement for Sprince Jeberson), Swapnil Vaidya

Our team name is an reference to the well-known US-TV-Show “The A-Team” and our study programme “Automotive Mechatronics & Management (AMM)”. We are the second generation in the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels to study this kind of unique dual Master’s degree programme.

Academic Chair

The A(MM)-Team 2.0 is under the auspices of the AMM programme, supervised by Mr. Raimund Edlinger MSc., and Mr. Michael Zauner. They are both professors for the study programme and also important members of the “Robo Racing Team” of the FHOÖ with a lot of experience from different robotic challenges like the “RoboCup”, “Eurobot” and the “Robot Challenge”.