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University of Offenburg


Rico Schillings (Team Lead)

Johannes Heidt, Christoph Lehmann, Jonas Ritter, Felix Wagner

TACO (Team Autonomous Car Offenburg) is a young and agile Team of four master students with a focus on computer science from the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg.
Major fields of study of the Master program are Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup represents a very interesting and practice-oriented challenge in which we want to put the learned study content into practice.
With our participation, we would like to build on last year’s success and advance the research of autonomous mobility at the University of Offenburg. The master program offers us a common base. Due to our different experiences because of variant study graduation, interests and preferences, we will complement each other perfectly.
We are looking forward to the challenges of the competition, the exchange of experience and the establishment of new contacts.
TACO Introducing the team

Academic Chair

The project is run in the autonomous systems lab of the Hochschule Offenburg and supervised by the chair of the lab Prof. Dr. Klaus Dorer. A team of the Hochschule participated in all three Audi Autonomous Driving Cups reaching 6th, 9th and 2nd places.
With the RoboCup autonomous soccer playing project we have experience in international competitions reaching vice world championship in 2017 with our simulated humanoid Nao robots as well as with Sweaty, our 1,60m tall real robot.
A common code base including the core architecture for autonomous systems has been established in the lab fostering synergy effects between all projects including the Audi Cup. For us it is a thrilling step that now also the AADC extends its impact to an international competition.