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Team SAM

University of Applied Sciences Munich


Thomas Stachl (Team Lead)

Dominik Schlierf, Sebastian Heunke, Ludwig Wagner, Nico Daßler

“And they said we could never teach a Llama to drive!”

Smart Automobile Munich (SAM) consists of bachelor and master students of the faculty for Computer Science and Maths that were put together in a team with one goal: Teaching a Llama to drive.
Our common interest in autonomous systems inspired us to participate in the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup. This is the perfect opportunity for us to utilise our skills, realize our ideas in the field of autonomous driving and show our competitors why we belong in the competition. As described in the “Accompanying University Courses and Theses” section our university offers a course for approximately 15-20 students which will all work together on the cars software. It’s an honour for us to represent our fellow students and the University itself.

Academic Chair

The SAM project is located in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) in Munich, Germany. Central research activities of the faculty include machine learning and image processing which are concentrated in the  competence center for image processing (Competence Center Bildverarbeitung, CCBV).The department as well as the CCBV were able to strengthen its competencies in the field of Machine Learning by filling a new professorship and will continue to do so by offering another  position in Statistical Learning. The CCBV is a common platform for research activities for autonomous systems and basis for the  cooperation with industrial and scientific partners in this field. Additionally, it has inspired various student projects, e.g. an autonomous flight project which has successfully participated in the “Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition”[1] in 2015 and 2016 in the USA. SAM is also supported by the competence center for commercial information technology (Competence Center Wirtschaftsinformatik, CCWI) where research activities in the field of project management, human machine  interaction and automotive connectivity/vehicle-to-X communication are located.