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Team frAIsers

University of Freiburg


Kshitij Sirohi (Team Lead)

Ben Wilhelm, Novian Habibie, Fabien Jenne, Dennis Raith

Hey mum, I’m gonna be level 5!

Coming from three different nations, our team provides a diverse background in the area of Computer Science and Embedded Systems. Our five team members are approaching the end of their master studies and have widely spread knowledge in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Mobile Robotics and Optimal Control. Within these areas each team member has both, his distinct specialization as well as a broad understanding of all the relevant topics. We all share the passion for autonomous driving and are eager to successfully represent the internationally renowned chair for Autonomous Intelligent Systems (known for SLAM) of the University of Freiburg at the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2018. The chair also acts as the teams’ supervisor for the competition. We aim to develop a robust system that is stable, elegant and safe during operation, yet also provides a platform to explore advanced and novel learning approaches for autonomous driving.

Academic Chair

As last year, the team members of the University of Freiburg are supervised by the chairs of Autonomous Intelligent Systems and Neurobotics. The heads of the research groups are Prof. Wolfram Burgard and Prof. Joschka Boedecker. The main focus of the group of Wolfram Burgard lies in the field of autonomous mobile robotics, localization, path planning and probabilistic multirobot navigation. Additionally, the group investigates robust perception and scene understanding methods that rely on camera and lidar sensors. The research of the Neurorobotics Lab comprises data-efficient deep reinforcement and model learning methods that provide robust and adaptive solutions, and target applications on real-world devices.