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Team DriverLeics

University of Leicester


Samuel Balco (Team Lead)

Claudia Cauli (replacement for Long Chen), Zheheng Jiang, Ghalib Masood, Lei Tong

“If you can’t fix the brakes, make the horn louder”

The name of our team is DriverLeics. The second part “Leics” is pronounced as in Leicester (/ˈlɛstə/), i.e., the team name pronounced is correctly pronounced “driverless”.

We are a diverse team of MSc and PhD students at the University of Leicester. We hold academic degrees from China, Pakistan, the UK, and Slovakia. Our main interests and our current research are in the areas of formal verification, software engineering, computer vision, and machine learning. We are supported by our institutional coaches with expertise in machine learning, software engineering (including validation and verification) and safety analysis and their applications in the automotive domain.

Academic Chair

The University of Leicester is a leading UK university committed to international excellence through the creation of world changing research and high quality, inspirational teaching. Leicester is consistently one of the most socially inclusive of the UK’s leading universities with a long-standing commitment to providing fairer and equal access to higher education. The university is currently ranked 29th in the Complete University Guide. The Department of Informatics at Leicester is a young and dynamic department with a scientific and rigorous approach to all aspects of computing and with a wide expertise in algorithm design, logic and semantics and software engineering. The department has recently invested in substantial growth in the areas of data-driven software engineering and machine learning with a clear focus on automotive applications and is committed to support our participation in this competition.