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Team CAR-thage

University of Bremen


Henrik Harms (Team Lead)

Lennart Evers (replacement for Chris Jungenkrüger), Norbert Maager, Markus Weber, Kristof Mose

“You either find a way or you create one.”

We, the Team CAR-thage, consist of five students of pure and industrial mathematics at the Universität Bremen. Through the base of our course of study that we share, we are trained in the art of abstract problem solving, which often allows for a unique and refreshing view when taking on new challenges that not necessarily lie within our common line of work. Through our individual specializations within the area of mathematics as well as knowledge from the versatile mix of application subjects that we bring to the table, ranging from computer science to production engineering to physics, we are well positioned and highly motivated to take part in this year’s Audi Autonomous  Driving Cup.

Academic Chair

As was the case in previous teams from Bremen, our team will be supported by the Zentrum für Technomathematik (ZeTeM), especially by the AG Optimierung und Optimale Steuerung, as well as the AG Kognitive Neuroinformatik. During last year’s competition, the ZeTeM offered a lecture on optimal control and realtime optimization (Optimale Regelung und Echtzeitoptimierung). This year, the ZeTeM
is offering a lecture with emphasis on autonomous driving (Autonomes Fahren: Methoden der nichtlinearen Optimierung und optimalen Steuerung), in which Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens conveys the theory of optimization and control, applied to the mathematical model of a street car. Furthermore, for the duration of the competition the ZeTeM will provide computers as well as a room in which we can build a tracks to test our implementations.