Team AFILSOP of the Technical University Ilmenau wins the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017

The first prize of the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 goes to Ilmenau. In the finale of the contest the team AFILSOP prevailed against the strong competition of seven other universities.


After two exciting days, the results are clear. The teams completed the three disciplines, scientific presentation, compulsory exercises on the course and freestyle. To even get there, they already invested a lot of time during the lead-up. In some cases, more than 500 hours per team member have gone into the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup – and it paid off.

Especially in the freestyle the teams showed very creative approaches. This included, for example, facial recognition by team frAlburg, which enabled the miniature Q2 to drive autonomously as a shuttle. Accordingly, it only stopped at the person who ordered it via smartphone. The Q2 recognized this with the help of machine learning. Another approach was a ride à la Mario Kart. The team Carleone from Bremen distributed mushrooms, bananas and thunderclouds on the course, which were classified by image recognition and triggered actions. In the case of the mushroom, the turbo was engaged, the banana initiated an evasive maneuver and the thundercloud triggered a wobble of the Q2.

Much of the rating, 50 percent, was made up by the parcours. Here the teams had to demonstrate that they could master complex situations autonomously both in city traffic and overland. There were also some pitfalls such as gleaming light, a construction site, snow in the form of rice grains, or a tunnel. In the end, the overall result was clear:

  1. AFILSOP: Technical Unversity Ilmenau
  2. TACO: Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  3. FAUtonOHM: Friedrich-Alexander- University Erlangen-Nürnberg and Nuremberg Tech (Georg Simon Ohm)
  4. Carleone: University of Bremen
  5. frAIburg: University of Freiburg
  6. UNIAutonom: University of Augsburg
  7. HTWK Smart Driving: Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig)
  8. LeTHIt drive: Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences

The best scientific lecture was given by the team HTWK Smart Driving from Leipzig. The best freestyle was shown by the frAlburg team from the University of Freiburg. We thank all the teams for their commitment and great results. It was a lot of fun!