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As part of the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup, the teams are developing systems with which they can compete against each other on a course as well as in an “open challenge”. On the one hand the contest committee evaluates the driving performance of the vehicles as well as the software, on the other hand the elegance of the solution and its presentation by the teams also play a role. 


During the implementation phase, the teams have time to prepare for the competition.

In order to do this, each team has to build its own exemplary course for testing.


At the kick-off event, the participating teams will be introduced to the software framework and the vehicle, which will also be handed over to the teams at this point. In addition, the organizers will answer organizational questions and distribute the contest documents.


Each team admitted to the contest will receive two model vehicles on a 1:8 scale from the AUDI AG for the duration of the contest (implementation phase, competition and finals) for free. With these vehicles, the team must test the algorithms during the implementation phase and compete in the competition as well as the finale. A more detailed description can be found under “Vehicle”.

Basic Software

A basic software for operating the vehicles is specified by the organizer and published under the BSD license. This basic software includes all the necessary means to actuate the sensors and actuators of the vehicle, but is optimized neither for execution speed nor accuracy.


The competition is the highlight of the contest, where all the participating teams come together and compete against each other under equal conditions. The determination of the overall winner takes place in three steps:

  • A compulsory program of driving tasks and a scientific lecture
  • A freestyle in which the participating teams can demonstrate a special feature of their approach
  • A finale with unknown driving tasks, in which the winner among the first three places of the first two steps is determined.