Sensors 2019-11-22T11:23:40+01:00


The sensor set of the 2018 AADC model car is getting closer to the real car sensors. A new Laserscanner RPLIDAR A2 is added in the front. It replaces the Intel realsense R200 camera.
The sensor set consists of:

  • RPLIDAR A2 (front, >180 field of view, detection range <6m, update rate 10Hz)
  • 130° mono video camera (front)
  • 80° mono video camera (back)
  • Ultrasonic sensors (three in the back, one left side, one right side, detection range <4m, update rate 40Hz)

To measure the speed of the car there are wheel speed sensors like in the 2017 model car. There is also a 9-axis motion tracking sensor to measure accelerations and angular rates.